An estimated 60% of people could qualify for an enhanced annuity because of an existing condition how will you know?

Ensure you get the correct advice

The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) recommends that you speak to an Independent Financial Adviser who specialises in annuities before you make your decision.

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  • Guaranteed Annuity
  • Impaired Life Annuity
  • Level Annuity
  • Fixed Term Annuity
  • Joint Life Annuity
  • Long Term Care Annuity

do you know the difference or which one suits you?

It is imperative that you find the best annuity rates from across the entire market.     

Many advisers and companies work on a restricted basis – meaning they can only look at quotes from a limited number of companies.  We are Independent and research the market to secure you the best real time rate for your circumstances.

The annuities market is one of the very few areas in which being in poor health could actually help you more more money. If you currently suffer from, or have previously suffered an illness which required treatment or medication, or you are diabetic, or are overweight or a heavy smoker, you may be eligible for a higher rate on an impaired health annuity.

The amount of time you can be expected to live is a key consideration in the value that major annuity providers can offer.  Obviously your health and wellbeing should always take priority, but if you already have a pre-existing health problem, there's no reason not to benefit from a more generous annuity rate if you can.

Around 60% of annuity customers are eligible for impaired health annuity, but less than 10% actually take this route.  Many people assume their health issues aren't serious enough, or don't even realise the option is available, meaning they lose out on additional income that could aid their quality of life. Here are some key conditions that could affect your quote:

  • Angina
  • Obesity
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking at least 10 cigarettes per day
  • Past heart attack
  • Major kidney failure

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